Time had me fooled.

I thought that life was opening up, just enough to where I could record a few of my thoughts onto a new blog and it would be fun and amazing!

Turns out, life was just letting me capture my thoughts momentarily. I still have these epiphanies while I am massaging or driving, but still cannot write them down right away! So I am trying to record my thoughts once I get to my destination, then go back and write a post about it. We will see how that goes!

My thoughts as the day unfolded: Our morning ( me, the kids, the cats) was unfolding quite uneventfully. It was nice! Feeling good, everyone behaving…then out of no where the cats go crazy. Fighting over their morning treats, jumping on tables and just being way more vocal than normal. So instead of the normal before school rants with the kids, it was the CATS. Man, it is always something!

Kids got on the bus, got some coffee. Again, still a feeling of control of the day. Had this thought that people are AMAZING> you, me, everyone on this planet has amazing superhero abilities. We HEAL ourselves, mentally, physically. We get to do that ourselves! Sure, people, science, and (God, universal energy, destiny, chance-call it what you will) help us but WE make that decision, to heal. WE make the choices that inevitably lead to our healing or sickness. That is mind-blowing when you think about it. It is NOT an easy road and we can make choices that are incorrect or miracle inducing, but we do make that initial choice that gets the ball rolling.

I also remembered, our thoughts become our reality. Everything we have wanted, and worked for, most of it has come to fruition. I am so grateful for everything, and everyone, that is in my life. And there is always more to ask for, and it is okay to ask for more!

THEN, life had something to show me. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL, YOU FOOOL!! HAHAHA

That is what I heard. It was funny because it was not exactly life threatening for me, but it could have been for someone else.

Right as my first client showed up, Elementary school sends an email blast “There was a small insignificant fire, it is under control, kids will be let in the building in 30 minutes.” Worried friend texts “ Do you know what is going on? They are saying school is closed for the day” Another email blast” Kids are being taken to nearest middle school, they are being sent home ‘at this time’, come pick them up or the bus will take them home.” Luckily, my husband was home. He handled it. No panic from me at this point. I am sure this day was far more stressful for others.

After my first appointment, kids are on the way home, they are good. Shew. That could have been a lot worse! My second client comes in, new person, pleasure to meet them, I get them settled on the table. the SECOND I exit the room, my receptionist says “ The lady at the doctor’s office next door called, she asked if we smelled gas because they have a very strong odor over there. They called BGE and the fire dept.”

WHAT! “ Ok ( suspiciously smelling for gas anywhere in our office) I do not smell anything, do you? ( “ a little bit? Maybe.”) Well I have been back here all morning, maybe I am used to it, do you feel high or sick??” “ NO, I don’t feel high or sick…” “HA! Ok , well good. Let me know as soon as they show up".”

I heard them come through and check out the building and people from the other side show up and say they smelled gas as well. But our office never got that smell in between the offices. ODD. Nothing amounted from it. Everything was fine, and I have no idea what actually happened.

So, case in point, you can think you have control and you are creating your own reality and your thoughts are powerful and amazing, but there is something else working here as well. Beyond you and me. Listen to it. Surrender to it. Work with it. You have a lot to learn, no matter where you are on your journey.