available positions: Massage Therapists, Evening/weekend Yoga Instructors, Holistic/wellness practitioners

Come work with us!

Therapeutic Kneads is a community leader in offering high quality, effective massage therapy and holistic wellness services. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about helping people in the community reach their wellness goals.

Therapeutic Kneads offers unique employment opportunities that help grow a practitioner to their full potential. You may realize, while working here, what your true calling is all about. Though we grow individuals with their practice, we work together to share knowledge, expertise, and support.

You will always have a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, and another mind to work with to bring forth the maximum benefits for you and your practice.

You might find practitioners and employees popping in on their day off, enjoying the services and classes we have to offer, or purchasing our high quality and local products at a discounted rate. You might also find yourself looking forward to coming to work and actually enjoying the environment we have all created together.

Therapeutic Kneads has grown as a reliable source of top-notch, effective, therapeutic massage therapy, meditation, yoga and acupuncture to the surrounding medical community, who often refer patients to us for alternative treatments.

We Offer

  • A fun and positive work environment with an supportive team

  • Discounts on wellness services, high quality/local products, and more

  • Opportunity to increase commissions and continuing education compensation

  • Team events (i.e. dinners, holiday parties, etc.)

  • Flexible Scheduling, Time Off, and Booking preferences

  • Independent Contractor Agreements, Employee Agreements


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