Mother Touch

Holistic Treatments for Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Post-Partum Moms

and their Families

Upcoming Classes:

When you become pregnant you are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of things you are supposed to do to ensure you have the healthiest baby possible.

Where do you even start?

It is easy to go on overload and into overwhelm with the amount of information and choices that are available on the internet. How do you know what path to follow and what is worth your time and investment? I have had 3 children and I have worked with thousands of pregnant and postpartum women for over 25 years. Not only have I have learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t work, but I have also learned that every human being is unique and every pregnancy, birth, and postpartum parent has their own specific intentions, desires, and needs. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are not just physical experiences, they impact parents and infants on all levels. In order to meet the needs of my clients I work on all levels, if that is what is desired. I meet my client where they are and where they want to be met.


Holistic Treatment for The Pregnant Mom:

*Will address physical challenges to ease current pregnancy related issues, and supports optimal baby position for an easier birth. *Will address nutritional imbalances which can lead to health related issues that can put mom and baby in the high risk category. *Demonstrates and teaches techniques during labor to help baby move into optimal birth position. *Demonstrates and teaches techniques to help ease pregnancy discomforts. *Will address fear based thoughts and beliefs from prior traumas or birth experiences that can impact labor and postpartum. *Includes prenatal massage which may include Craniosacral work.

Holistic Treatment for Post-Partum:

  • Postpartum c-section scarring; teaches techniques to help heal your scar through all the layers.

  • Addresses diastasis-recti and pelvic floor related issues.

  • Helps bones realign post-birth.

  • Helps mom relax and release restrictions and trauma from birth.

  • Includes massage and craniosacral to sore areas from holding baby.

Additional Mother Touch Services by Consultation

 Couples Preparation for an easier, more empowering Labor and Birth includes: Tools the birth partner can use during different phases of labor to ease what mom is going through, labor initiation support, effective pain and stress reduction techniques, which include specific acupressure points, aromatherapy for labor support to ease pain and anxiety, physical support and positioning for different phases of birth, mental and emotional support, especially when mom has had enough; key support cues that help her connect with her inherent capacity to do this.

Couples PostPartum Preparation: This is by far the most under addressed aspect of the pregnant person’s birthing experience. I have spoken with so many couples who were regretfully under prepared for this time, which lead to unnecessary stress and overwhelm, when new couples have needed the most rest, care, and support. I urge you to make sure you include this in your birth plan. You will not regret it!

Perimenopause/Menopause Women’s Empowerment Group: Addresses the mental, emotional, and physiological changes that are taking place, and applying effective approaches to experience more ease during this time. Individual Coaching is available to address stress, weight gain, reevaluation of personal goals, and to connect with your joy!