Therapeutic KNeads Rewards Program Happening Now!

Taking care of yourself, and those around you, should be REWARDED. That is why we are happy to introduce our new rewards program built exclusively for you!


OPT-IN to Reward Points!

Your account must be enrolled in the rewards program to begin earning points. Don’t miss a single point! Enroll now!


Earn points

Earn Points automatically for purchases, booking appointments and classes online, and referrals!


Here is How

MAKE A PURCHASE- It’s that easy! For every $1 spent at Therapeutic Kneads, you accrue points!

REFER A FRIEND- Earn 1,000 points just for helping someone visit TK. (That is $10!)

BOOK ONLINE- Earn points for booking your appointments and classes online!

WATCH FOR DOUBLE POINTS DAYS- There will be special opportunities to earn more points, so stay up to date with our email list!


Terms and conditions

Click here to view full terms and conditions. When you elect to “Opt-in” to the rewards program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

*Earning Rewards: You will earn one (1) point for each dollar ($1) of Net Purchases made with your Account at Therapeutic Kneads in Eldersburg, Maryland and online with Therapeutic Kneads. In addition, you will earn one thousand (1000) points for every new client that elects you as a referral account. When you book a yoga or meditation class online through our portal, you will earn fifty (50) points. You will also earn twenty (20) points when booking online appointments. "Net Purchases" means purchases of goods and services made by you minus any returns or refunds. Point accrual will begin upon the Enrollment Date in the Program. "Enrollment Date" is the day on which you elect to "Opt-in". No retroactive points will be awarded. You do not earn points on cancelled class bookings, cancelled online appointment bookings, or changing of assigned referral person. Points will be deducted for any returns or credits made on your Account. Purchases using an Account must be returned for credit using the same Account, and are subject to the merchant's return policies. Points will appear on your online account with Therapeutic Kneads. From time to time there may be promotional offers for the Program, which provide the opportunity to earn additional points as defined by the terms of the promotion. If a sale generating rewards points is returned, the points earned will also be returned. 

*Earning Restrictions: Points earned are not transferable, have no cash value and may not be used as payment on an Account or for any obligations to Therapeutic Kneads. If there is any abuse of the Program, failure to follow Program terms or any misrepresentation by you, all points shall be forfeited and no additional points shall accumulate. Points from separate Accounts, even having the same address, may not be combined onto one Account. There is no maximum number of points that you can accumulate in the Program. However, you may not redeem more than 5000 points in one day. One discount per person, per day. 

*Expiration: Points earned in this Program will expire 365 days from date earned.  

*Points Process: Subject to these Terms and Conditions, points will accumulate and a $10 account credit will be issued for every one-thousand (1,000) points earned. Points cannot begin to be redeemed until one-thousand (1000) points have been earned. You must have a minimum amount of one-thousand (1000) points to redeem for rewards. You cannot redeem more than 5000 points in one day.