Hi, my name is Michele Pedersen,LMT. I believe women who have the right physical, mental, nutritional, and relationship support have easier, more empowered pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experiences.

Hi, my name is Michele Pedersen,LMT. I believe women who have the right physical, mental, nutritional, and relationship support have easier, more empowered pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum experiences.

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Are you wanting to conceive, and wanting to take sound nutritional and lifestyle steps toward having a healthy pregnancy and baby?Are you newly pregnant, and disappointed with your past birthing experience(s), which have left you feeling incomplete? Are you wanting to approach your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time from a more empowered, conscious, connected, and informed place, but aren’t sure where to start? Are you newly postpartum, and overwhelmed with how undersupported you feel, and need more help and connection? Do you want to connect with other birthing people who are going through similar challenges as a resource? Are you going through perimenopause/menopause, and are wanting to understand more about this transition from a mental, emotional, and physiological standpoint? Do you want to connect with other women who are going through this fluctuating and uncertain time to learn more about how to approach this time in a way that feels empowering and freeing?

I am a trained massage and craniosacral therapist, childbirth, and health and wellness coach, specializing in women’s wellness and nutrition. Wellbeing is not just what we eat, it is a lifestyle that encompasses our mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual well-being. If we are out of balance in one area of our life, this can lead to imbalances in the rest of our lives. My approach is to help you hone in on the area of your life that is most in need of your loving attention and strengthen this area with you. My approach is unique, in that I work with women on all levels, not just “diet” and “exercise”. I don’t use these words or approaches in my practice. My approach is about empowering women during all phases of their lives by discovering with them what their desires and vision for their life , birth, or postpartum time is and helping them create that.

The approach I use is 4 fold. The reason for this is one without the other is incomplete and my intention for you is that you experience empowerment, connection, and a deeper sense of fulfillment. Each time period has a certain set of needs and I have set up well rounded programs in order that you receive the full benefit of the transition you are going through.

 Couples PostPartum Preparation: This is by far the most under addressed aspect of the pregnant person’s birthing experience. I have spoken with so many couples who were regretfully under prepared for this time, which lead to unnecessary stress and overwhelm, when new couples have needed the most rest, care, and support. I urge you to make sure you include this in your birth plan. You will not regret it!

This program includes: Necessary nutritional requirements and recipes for the new mom, nursing challenges and ways to address these, necessary support needed during this time, what to expect during this time mentally, emotionally, and physically, and ways to address these, while in new parent mode, necessary self-care during this time, couples communication and preparation, new parent groups, infant massage.

Perimenopause/Menopause Women’s Empowerment Group: Addresses the mental, emotional, and physiological changes that are taking place, and applying effective approaches to experience more ease during this time. Individual Coaching is available to address stress, weight gain, reevaluation of personal goals, and to connect with your joy!!

Nurture Yourself and Your Baby Pregnancy Program includes: sound nutritional guidance for a healthier mom and baby, joyful movement, that mom and babies love and that prepare you for the time ahead, consistent mindfulness practices that keep mom and baby calm and build resilience during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood, couple’s bonding and preparation for parenthood, along with a moms and parents prep group. In my experience with over a thousand couples, this is what I have found to be missing in childbirth education and I feel it is important to prepare the couples as soon as possible by addressing all of these areas for the most fulfilling outcomes during this time.

Couples Preparation for an easier, more empowering Labor and Birth includes: Tools the birth partner can use during different phases of labor to ease what mom is going through, labor initiation support, effective pain and stress reduction techniques, which include specific acupressure points, aromatherapy for labor support to ease pain and anxiety, physical support and positioning for different phases of birth, mental and emotional support, especially when mom has had enough; key support cues that help her connect with her inherent capacity to do this.

$75 per Hour Session $150 for two sessions a month Discounts Available for 6 Month Programs!